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Bring your favourite movie to the Capri!


Tugg Australia is a fantastic web-platform that enables you to host special movie events in your local theatre...the Capri! 

The Tugg website has a great list of new release independent films for you to choose from and if the film you want isn't there then they'll try to get it for you. 

Simply choose your film, select a date, tell your friends and if you get enough people together, the event goes ahead. There's absolutely no risk involved as if you don't sell the required tickets amongst your friends or community before the deadline, no one is charged anything.

This is a great way to get independent films screened that we can't always get here at the Capri, even though we'd love to. 

We'll probably need to restrict it to Monday nights in order to work around the major film contracts, but what were you doing on a Monday anyway?

Read all about it on the TUGG Website