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Cult at the Capri

What better place to catch some cult than in the retro setting of the Capri? This year we have a range of doubles and cult classics to satisfy everyone's visual pleasures, from our favourite alien of the 80's to Marilyn madness and 90's action heroes for Father's Day to Hitchcock heaven.

So when the cold weather sets in, you can curl up in one of the love seats with a glass of vino, some Haigh’s chocolates and a tub of salty popcorn from the Candy Bar! 

The Exorcist (R18+) + The Shining (MA15+) - Halloween Double 

Sunday 29 October, 2:00pm

These two psychological horror films are regarded as the best ever made and have scared us senseless so make sure you bring a good friend who likes a squeal and you're not embarrased in front of. 

There'll be head spinning and door axing ahoy. 

An interesting link to the two films is that Stanley Kubrick reportedly turned down the role of Director for The Exorcist. 



Psycho (M) + Rear Window (M) 

Sunday 12 November, 2:00pm

Hitchcock was the master of suspense and these two titles see him at his best and at the height of his popularity. Both stories are well known, but have you seen them on the big screen?

Often dubbed as B movies by the Hollywood establishment, Hitchcock proved the suits wrong again and again, because he understood better than any filmmaker at the time what audiences really be shocked and frightened.

Geez, we really are a bunch of masochists.